The AccuPower Player Software is an integrated Biomechanical Analysis software designed to support Biomechanics instruction in any instructional environment. The AccuPower Player includes all analysis and reporting features as the AccuPower Suite , and is backward compatible with older versions of AccuPower Software.

The package includes the AccuPower Player software, pre-recorded 3D force plate data integrated with 2D video, and Lab write-ups to perform over 10 Biomechanical analysis introducing your students to Basic Biomechanics, Clinical Applications, and Sport Science Applications.  Data content includes 3D Force-Time data for a wide variety of movements integrated synchronized high-speed video (multiple camera views) in two dimensions. 

AccuPower Player is an annual subscription product and all customers will receive 1 year of software operation, upgrades and Support for 1 year from date of installation.  Continued operations and updates/support will require the customer to purchase a Renewal Contract from AccuPower Solutions.

Key Features

  • Easy to use software providing students with access to Biomechanical Lab experiences
  • 25 Concurrent, Transferable Activations  
  • Included pre-recorded content provides immediate, plug and play lab experiences
  • 3D Force Plate and Treadmill data integrated with 2D high speed color video
  • Prepared labs covering Basic Biomechanics, Clinical, and Sport Science applications
  • Students create individual analysis of selected movements and submit reports
  • Drawing Tools and Comment Section to create individual analysis of selected movements
  • Students generate a Lab Report in .pdf or Word report Students submit their report to the instructor
  • Can be used to support F2F, Online, or Hybrid delivery methods
  • Software and content installed into a University Virtual Environment or Computer Lab
  • Students access content at any time Instructors can add/delete content (adding content requires AccuPower or Suite Software)
  • Can be used with any textbook