Initial Screenings. Monitor Changes to Patient Baselines. Track Patient Outcomes.

Our system captures research quality data using real-time visualization tools and integrated high-speed video—making it easy to drive better outcomes and improve patient experience. 

  • Easily capture and review force plate data/video with patients and associates within seconds
  • Complete array of Functional Assessments:  Familiar Tests, BETTER DATA
  • Customize the Dashboard to allow clinician more time with  analysis using measures of value
  • ODBC Compliant database and reporting functions allow users to easily transfer data to EMR
  • User-selectable statistics allow within and between subject comparisons in real-time

The number one priority for the AccuPower and AccuPower Suite software solution is to provide a streamlined and efficient process for administering a wide variety of movement screens and efficiently share the results to all interested stakeholders.  A primary focus is to implement a testing protocol in less than 5 minutes and have a meaningful conversation about a basic analysis within another 5 minutes.