Having been cited in over to 200 peer-reviewed papers, AccuPower Software sets the standard for jumps and landings research!

AccuPower software is currently used extensively by over 100 leading research institutions worldwide for peer-reviewed research.

With expanded compatibility with any AMTI research-quality force platforms at thousands of research institutions, use of AccuPower Software for research purposes will only continue to grow.


Reliability refers to the consistency or reproducibility of measurements.  A force plate analysis will be much more reliable if movement phases are well defined.

To do so requires a very reliable calculation of velocity rather than making assumptions on the direction the body is moving based solely on the force signal.  If we want to measure an athlete’s ability to decelerate or accelerate, we need to be certain of the direction the center of mass is moving/accelerating.

We’ve conducted a rigorous assessment of the reliability of the different tests – and we’re happy to report that intraclass correlation R-squared values for many of the measures are .94 or better.

Customize Tests and Calculations

AccuPower provides a framework for users to create their own calculations by:

  • Defining the time series data to analyze
  • Defining the key event(s) from which to produce the calculation
  • Defining the calculation to be performed

The option for the user to create their own calculations provides some very distinct advantages:

  • Create relevant and reliable calculations using common organizational nomenclature
  • Create calculations that will help answer the next question
  • With newly created calculations, re-analyze historical data to include the new calculations

In essence, this feature provides each user with a custom, proprietary software.

Easily Export calculations for use in 3rd party software

  • Summary Report Feature quickly exports selected calculations to .csv file for use in 3rd party statistical software
  • Locally stored ODBC compliant database, easily queried for sharing to 3rd Party software

Wide array of tests, including Isometric Analysis

Pre-configured tests and analysis for:

  • Vertical Jumps
  • Squat Jumps
  • Drop Jumps
  • Drop Landings
  • Hops
  • Isometric
  • Body Weight Squats
  • Forces Only

Frequently Asked Questions

How many peer reviewed articles, citing the use of AccuPower, have been published?2020-08-15T23:38:58-06:00

The current publication list for AccuPower has over 200 peer-reviewed, published articles, making the AccuPower Software solution THE STANDARD RESEARCH TOOL for jumps and landings.

What topics have been researched using AccuPower ?2020-08-15T23:39:59-06:00

The team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has used AccuPower extensively to study force, power, bi-lateral symmetry, and dynamic stability during jumping and landing tasks towards understanding the risk of lower extremity injury.  Many Strength and Conditioning researchers have used AccuPower to document the changes in force and power towards better understanding the effects of training interventions on force, power, and bi-lateral symmetry on sport performance.  The publications page includes a list of all publications using AccuPower.

Any peer reviewed literature related to the reliability of AccuPower?2020-08-15T23:40:53-06:00

YES!!  Brent, Ford, Myer, Harrison, and Hewitt (2005) published  the “Reliability Of Single Leg Landing On A Portable Force Platform”.  See our publications page for a full citation.  More reliability studies are in currently in progress, we will be happy to report those results as well.

Any peer reviewed literature related to the validity of AccuPower?2020-08-15T23:42:13-06:00

YES!!  Walsh, Ford, Bangen, and Hewitt (2006) published “The Validation of a Portable Force Plate for Measuring Force-Time Data During Jumping and Landing Tasks”.  See our publications page for a full citation.

Where can I see all the published research?2020-08-15T23:43:24-06:00

Visit our publications page to see a list of all publications using AccuPower.

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