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Integrated Biomechanics Software for use in any learning environment

Ready to use Labs for Basic Biomechanics, Sport Science, or Clinical applications

The integration of kinetic data and high speed color video visualizes the scientific principles behind human movement in a time and cost-effective manner.

  • Content For
    • Basic Biomechanics
      • 3D/Resultant Forces
      • Impulse Momentum
      • Work Energy
      • Angular Kinematics
    • Clinical Applications
      • ACL Injury Risk Assessments
      • Gait Evaluations
    • Sport Science Applications
      • Jump Height Calculations/Projectile Motion
      • RSI Calculations
      • Eccentric Utilization Ratio Calculations
      • Dynamic Strength Index
      • Isometric Strength Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

I currently have an AMTI force plate in my lab. Will AccuPower Software connect with my AMTI Force Plate?2020-08-15T22:04:59-06:00

YES!!  AccuPower Software Interfaces to all AMTI force platforms – including AccuPower, Mini-amps, Gen 5 amps, and AccuGait (AccuGait not recommended for impact landings).

Does AccuPower Solutions offer professors ancillary materials for use with AccuPower Software?2020-08-15T22:05:31-06:00

YES!!  We are happy to provide you with lab exercises with your purchase of AccuPower Software.

Can I get a trial version of AccuPower Software?2020-08-15T22:06:33-06:00

Yes! For customers that own an AMTI Force Plate, we offer trials of AccuPower software for connection to your plate.  However, we request that you to contact us to arrange your trial download, so that we can advise you on the proper trial version and to ensure that you are well supported throughout the trial period.

How do I contact an AccuPower Solutions expert?2020-08-15T22:07:24-06:00

Use the contact us page and one of our team members will contact you within 48 hours.

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