Any peer reviewed literature related to validity of AccuPower?2020-08-15T22:27:25-06:00

YES!!  Walsh, Ford, Bangen, and Hewitt (2006) published “The Validation of a Portable Force Plate for Measuring Force-Time Data During Jumping and Landing Tasks”.  See our Publications page for a full citation.

Is any additional software needed to integrate video solutions with AccuPower 4.0?2020-08-18T22:36:19-06:00

No.  AccuPower 4.0 has on board video capture that provides instantaneous synchronization of force plate data and video, and requires no 3rd party software for the video capture and saving process.

How can I create the overlays seen in the demo video’s?2020-08-18T22:35:54-06:00

Overlays are easy to create and can be customized to your specifications.  Our staff will be happy to guide you through the process.  If you would choose to have AccuPower Solutions staff On-Site Training, we guide you with optimizing all video replay tools .

Where can I see all the published research?2020-08-15T23:43:24-06:00

Visit our publications page to see a list of all publications using AccuPower.

Any peer reviewed literature related to the validity of AccuPower?2020-08-15T23:42:13-06:00

YES!!  Walsh, Ford, Bangen, and Hewitt (2006) published “The Validation of a Portable Force Plate for Measuring Force-Time Data During Jumping and Landing Tasks”.  See our publications page for a full citation.

Any peer reviewed literature related to the reliability of AccuPower?2020-08-15T23:40:53-06:00

YES!!  Brent, Ford, Myer, Harrison, and Hewitt (2005) published  the “Reliability Of Single Leg Landing On A Portable Force Platform”.  See our publications page for a full citation.  More reliability studies are in currently in progress, we will be happy to report those results as well.

What topics have been researched using AccuPower ?2020-08-15T23:39:59-06:00

The team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has used AccuPower extensively to study force, power, bi-lateral symmetry, and dynamic stability during jumping and landing tasks towards understanding the risk of lower extremity injury.  Many Strength and Conditioning researchers have used AccuPower to document the changes in force and power towards better understanding the effects of training interventions on force, power, and bi-lateral symmetry on sport performance.  The publications page includes a list of all publications using AccuPower.

How many peer reviewed articles, citing the use of AccuPower, have been published?2020-08-15T23:38:58-06:00

The current publication list for AccuPower has over 200 peer-reviewed, published articles, making the AccuPower Software solution THE STANDARD RESEARCH TOOL for jumps and landings.

Can our entire staff attend?2020-08-15T22:39:25-06:00

Yes they can!

Is there a fee for Onsite Installation and In-Service?2020-08-15T22:38:56-06:00

We charge a small fee to cover travel expenses and time.  The price will vary somewhat by location.

How do we arrange for Onsite Installation and In-service?2020-08-15T22:38:12-06:00

While putting together a quote for you, we will discuss your interest in having the AccuPower team handle an Onsite Installation and In-Service.

Is a 2000 lb Vertical Load capacity adequate for all testing situations?2020-08-15T22:24:40-06:00

In most situations, yes.  Peak Ground Reaction Forces for the most explosive jump or landing events are less than 6x BW.

Can I purchase an AccuPower Force Plate from AccuPower Software?2020-08-15T22:26:56-06:00

YES! Contact us and we would be happy to discuss your application and provide you with a quote.

How do I contact an AccuPower Solutions expert?2020-08-15T22:07:24-06:00

Use the contact us page and one of our team members will contact you within 48 hours.

Can I get a trial version of AccuPower Software?2020-08-15T22:06:33-06:00

Yes! For customers that own an AMTI Force Plate, we offer trials of AccuPower software for connection to your plate.  However, we request that you to contact us to arrange your trial download, so that we can advise you on the proper trial version and to ensure that you are well supported throughout the trial period.

Does AccuPower Solutions offer professors ancillary materials for use with AccuPower Software?2020-08-15T22:05:31-06:00

YES!!  We are happy to provide you with lab exercises with your purchase of AccuPower Software.

I currently have an AMTI force plate in my lab. Will AccuPower Software connect with my AMTI Force Plate?2020-08-15T22:04:59-06:00

YES!!  AccuPower Software Interfaces to all AMTI force platforms – including AccuPower, Mini-amps, Gen 5 amps, and AccuGait (AccuGait not recommended for impact landings).

How do I contact an AccuPower Solutions expert?2020-08-15T21:28:15-06:00

Use the contact us page and one of our team members will contact you within 48 hours.

Can we count on AccuPower Solutions for support or assistance following on-site services?2020-08-15T22:40:47-06:00

YES!!  Help is always just a click or call away.

Who uses AccuPower Software?2020-08-17T21:54:36-06:00

AccuPower Software is used by research universities, elite sport teams, and performance training centers worldwide.  AccuPower Software 4.0 provides coaches and trainers a simple, streamlined and efficient process for reliable force plate data collection and presentation of a robust, integrated analysis regarding their athlete’s performance to key stakeholders.

Why use the AccuPower Force Plate?2020-08-15T22:25:02-06:00

AMTI’s AccuPower Force Plate was specifically designed for evaluation of explosive movement.  AccuPower has the largest measurement surface on the market and incorporates Hall Effect sensors.  Hall Effect sensors offer two distinct advantages:  will not be damaged by high impulses from an accidental overload and provides for minimal drift.

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