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Force Plate Specs

Fz Capacity:  2000 lb (8900 N)        

Mz Capacity:  10000 in-lb (1100 Nm)

Fx Capacity:  1000 lb (4450 N)

Mx Capacity:  25000 in-lb (2825 Nm)

Fy Capacity:  1000 lb (4450 N)

My Capacity:  25000 in-lb (2825 Nm)

Data Rate USB:  up to 1200 data sets / second

Data Rate RS-232:   up to 200 data sets / second

Lowest Natural Frequency:  > 100 Hz

Size: 30″ x 40″ x 4.9″ (762 mm x 1016 mm x 124 mm)

Weight: 50 lb (23 kg)

AMTI Accupower Portable Force Plate[/caption]

Force Plates are the Gold Standard for the measurement of Force Production, Power, and Landing Dynamics in human movement.  AMTI’s AccuPower was designed specifically for explosive movements – with a large measurement surface and the incorporation of Hall Effect sensors which will not be damaged by high impulses from accidental overload.

The AccuPower force plate interfaces directly with a computer via USB or RS-232 connection and comes bundled with the powerful AccuPower software. Composite construction results in a low weight transducer and no mounting is required!

A handle and two wheels enhance the plate’s portability, while a rugged non-skid surface makes AccuPower well-suited for evaluating sports techniques.

The AccuPower force plate is equipped with four leveling feet, allowing for quick and easy leveling prior to testing.  The leveling feet have a rugged non-skid surface to eliminate any movement during testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase an AccuPower Force Plate from AccuPower Software?2020-08-15T22:26:56-06:00

YES! Contact us and we would be happy to discuss your application and provide you with a quote.

Is a 2000 lb Vertical Load capacity adequate for all testing situations?2020-08-15T22:24:40-06:00

In most situations, yes.  Peak Ground Reaction Forces for the most explosive jump or landing events are less than 6x BW.

Why use the AccuPower Force Plate?2020-08-15T22:25:02-06:00

AMTI’s AccuPower Force Plate was specifically designed for evaluation of explosive movement.  AccuPower has the largest measurement surface on the market and incorporates Hall Effect sensors.  Hall Effect sensors offer two distinct advantages:  will not be damaged by high impulses from an accidental overload and provides for minimal drift.

Any peer reviewed literature related to validity of AccuPower?2020-08-15T22:27:25-06:00

YES!!  Walsh, Ford, Bangen, and Hewitt (2006) published “The Validation of a Portable Force Plate for Measuring Force-Time Data During Jumping and Landing Tasks”.  See our Publications page for a full citation.

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