The best force plate analysis software for sport biomechanics is now even better! AccuPower Suite has been redesigned and improved to make performance assessment and baseline monitoring simple and easy.  Our system captures research quality data using real-time visualization tools and integrated high-speed video—making it easy to drive better outcomes and improve patient experience. 

Key Features

  • COMPLETELY NEW software designed to better integrate with current and emerging technology.
  • Complete array of tests:  Jumps, Landings, Isometrics, and Strength Training
  • Expanded test menu allows users to create their own tests and customize analyses.
  • User-selectable statistics allow within and between subject comparisons in real-time
  • Customizable  reports and data export functions generate meaningful results in seconds.
  • LIVE display of Real-Time Force and 3D Force Vector Overlay.  Up to 5 high speed HD cameras (120-200 fps)
  • Key Events in the Movement Cycle are Indexed, allowing for instantaneous review in Playback Mode.
  • Customizable Video Overlay and  Video  Export functions allow videos to be easily shared
  • EASE OF USE makes AccuPower the IDEAL SOLUTION for athlete testing, clinical assessments, and education/research.

Over 250 of the world’s best sport scientists, clinicians and educators have chosen our software for applications as wide as professional sport combines, baseline monitoring of training and rehabilitation programs, or in over 200 peer-reviewed research papers.