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Video Integration2022-02-14T17:52:03-06:00

Integrated 3D force plate data with 2D color HD video for analyzing human movement.

AccuPower 4.0 is the ONLY force plate software to integrated High Speed HD Color Video Capture synchronized with force data @ up to 200 fps.

Synchronized data streams and force vectors from AccuPower are instantly displayed,  providing instant feedback for athletes and researchers, while offering a seamless, visual solution for teaching biomechanics.

Key Features

  • Real Time Force and HD Color Video Display with Vector Overlay.
  • Fully featured video replay capabilities
  • Easy navigation to key kinetic events in the movement cycle
  • Integrated force vector overlay in video replay
  • Graphical display of time series data for three dimensional forces, velocity, power, and moments of force
  • Drawing tools for adding joint angle measurement to any video frame
  • Add notes/comments to any video frame
  • Instant generation of customized .pdf or Word format reports

Within seconds of the testing event, you are engaged in analysis and discussion using AccuPower’s synchronized Video Replay Tools that has the data and force vectors  displayed in real time.  This solution allows coaches and students the ability to interpret and validate data by creating a kinetic and kinematic interface.

Camera Options

Integration to AccuPower 4.0 Video capabilities requires the customer to purchase approved USB 3.0 or GigE camera options listed below.  Customers will also need  to obtain a NI Vision License.   To obtain an NI Vision license, please contact AccuPower Solutions.

AccuPower 4.0 can integrate up to 4 cameras simultaneously.  For customers wishing to integrate multiple cameras to their configuration, please contact AccuPower Solutions to be certain minimum computer specifications are met.

The following cameras are currently support by AccuPower 4.0:

  • Basler Ace acA 1300-200uc
  • FLIR Backfly S BFS-U3-16S2C
  • Basler Ace acA 1300-75 gc
  • Basler Pulse puA 1280-54uc
  • All cameras are packaged with 1.5 MP 6mm lens, appropriate length cable, and mounting equipment.
  • Fixed mount and portable camera mounting options available

Minimum Computer Specifications for using multiple Basler Ace or FLIR Backfly cameras

  • Intel I7 processor with 4 Cores (8 Logical Threads), 3.0 Ghz clock speed or AMD of similar capability.
  • 16 GB RAM, preferably 32 GB of RAM
  • Minimum of Three (3) USB 3 Ports (2 x USB3 and 1 x USB3) for 1-2 camera configurations
  • 3+ camera configurations, PC must have an extra PCIe slot, preferably x16. We highly recommend inserting a Neousys PCIe-USB340 4 port Host Adapter Card with 4x USB 3.0 controllers into the extra PCIe x16 slot. 
  • Windows 64 Bits OS
  • 1 GB Dedicated Graphics Card
  • 500 GB SSD Hard Drive

Minimum Computer Specifications for using multiple Basler Pulse cameras

  • I5 processor with 3.0 Ghz clock speed
  • 8 GB RAM, up to 32 GB of RAM with multiple cameras
  • Minimum of Three (3) USB 3 Ports
  • 1 GB Dedicated Graphics Card
  • 500 GB SSD Hard Drive

No other analysis solution can quickly and simply bring your analysis to life!!   Contact the AccuPower Solutions Team to discover how to bring Force Plate data to life using AccuPower 4.0!!

How can I create the overlays seen in the demo video’s?2020-08-18T22:35:54-06:00

Overlays are easy to create and can be customized to your specifications.  Our staff will be happy to guide you through the process.  If you would choose to have AccuPower Solutions staff On-Site Training, we guide you with optimizing all video replay tools .

Is any additional software needed to integrate video solutions with AccuPower 4.0?2020-08-18T22:36:19-06:00

No.  AccuPower 4.0 has on board video capture that provides instantaneous synchronization of force plate data and video, and requires no 3rd party software for the video capture and saving process.

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