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On-Site Training2020-08-15T23:51:18-06:00

The AccuPower Software team has a great deal of experience in setting up force plate measurement systems for elite sport organizations and universities.  We pride ourselves in ensuring that each customer is able integrate AccuPower into their workflow the day of installation.

 What we can do for Installation

  • Unpack all hardware and setup to customer specification
  • Installation and Activation of AccuPower Software
  • Installation of Video Feedback System Components (if ordered)
  • Installation of surround platforms (if ordered)
  • Optimize Video Feedback Overlays
  • Optimize Reporting Features

What we teach during In-Service

  • Hardware connection and setup
  • How to conduct tests with each test type
  • Saving and Viewing of the data
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Optimization of Reporting Features
  • Optimization of Video Feedback Features
  • Exporting of raw data to 3rd party software
  • User Manual and Help Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we arrange for Onsite Installation and In-service?2020-08-15T22:38:12-06:00

While putting together a quote for you, we will discuss your interest in having the AccuPower team handle an Onsite Installation and In-Service.

Is there a fee for Onsite Installation and In-Service?2020-08-15T22:38:56-06:00

We charge a small fee to cover travel expenses and time.  The price will vary somewhat by location.

Can our entire staff attend?2020-08-15T22:39:25-06:00

Yes they can!

Can we count on AccuPower Solutions for support or assistance following on-site services?2020-08-15T22:40:47-06:00

YES!!  Help is always just a click or call away.

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